Welcome to Job Assistance Portal

INSECTECHS training institute is dedicated to ensuring that our students transition seamlessly from education to employment through our comprehensive job assistance program. We have collaborated with a network of industry partners to provide exclusive placement opportunities and planning internships, giving our students a direct pathway to potential employers. 

We are committed to supporting our students in achieving their career aspirations and securing successful employment with certain Terms and Conditions.

Students who want avail assistance from INSECTECHS to grab a job must..

  1. Willing to relocate to India, Malaysia, Singapore, US, Canada only

  2. Must Enroll to following courses

    >> 9 Courses Bundle
    >> Ethical Hacking from Entry to Expertise ,
    >> Mastering Python 3: From Basics to Advanced Programming
    >> Python for Hackers and Programmers

    and Complete online Exam from exam.insectechs.in

  3. Students who have done courses from other training institutes with valid online certification exam can also apply for this Job Assistance Programme.
  4. If you have completed courses from INSECTECHS and also completed online certification from INSECTECHS Exam Portal, Please send your CV/RESUME to insectechs.in@gmail.com
  5. We will send an email to Selected resumes candidates  (1st Filtration) asking convenient time to make an appointment for Mock interviews and serious students are asked to pay small amount ($5, 2nd Filtration) to get interviewed by INSECTECHS
  6. Students to have cleared mock interviews will receive an email on status of your Job Resume sent to partnered consultants and companies.
  7. If student have not received any call from any partnered company in 30 days after you receive an email on status of Job Application shared to partnered consultants and companies, then INSECTECHS will refund $4 to Students account.

Fill the Form for Applying the Job

Or Send your resume to insectechs.in@gmail.com